Top Ten Tuesday: Meta-TTT

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week there is a new topic but they’re taking a little break right now (well-deserved). So I decided to take this moment to reflect on the numerous Top Ten Tuesday’s I’ve done in the past. Here are my Top Ten TTTs in order from more recent to less recent.

1) Favorite 2017 Covers – Pretty covers are my bread and butter. I loved looking through 2017 releases to find the covers that really stood out to me.

2) Books with a Summer Setting – Like seriously…did I even write this one? I vaguely remember doing it, but I waxed way more poetic in that intro paragraph than I usually do.

3) Things Books Make Me Want to Learn or Do – There are so many hobbies out there, but sometimes books make you interested in specific hobbies.

4) Reasons Why I Love Sarah Dessen – Beyond the obvious (I love her).

5) Characters That Need to Get Out of My Life – Here, let me rant for you (don’t @ me) (or do. I don’t care).

6) Books to Read if You’re in an X Mood – I still completely agree with all of these.

7) Songs That Should Be Books – Hi, I’m still waiting…but as an addition to this post, I’ve recently been thinking that somebody should write a YA series where each book is based on a different Taylor Swift song. SO GENIUS.

8) Thanksgiving with Fictional Families – Never have I wanted book characters to be real so badly.

9) Necessary Author Collaborations – I just read through this post again and I AM A GENIUS. All of these collaborations are so perfect!!!

10) Authors with Ties to BYU – I had to throw another plug in for my alma mater. This was such a fun post to research and write 🙂

Which topics have been your favorites over the years?

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Meta-TTT

  1. I always love the most anticipate books list, but one I made with a lot of love, was my hidden gems TTT. There are books you see everywhere, but these were books that are not as well loved, but loved by me.

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