Top Ten Tuesday: I’m a Sarah Dessen Fangirl

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week there is a new topic and this week’s topic is: Ten Reasons I Love X

I could choose a lot of things as there are a lot of things that I am currently or have been obsessed with in the past. But really, there was only ever on choice.

Top Ten Reasons I love Sarah Dessen:

1) Her protagonists are usually super relatable. They’re just normal high school girls, usually on the quieter side trying to navigate life.

2) She includes cameos (and sometimes a little more than that) of past characters. I LOVE when she does this. It makes her characters seem so much more real–they don’t just cease to exist even though their book is over!

3) Colby. I love this beach town. Seriously, why can’t this place exist? Okay, mostly I just want to go to that laundromat/pie bar.

4) She features nice guys. Some of Dessen’s male protagonists are a little rougher around the edges than others, but in the end they’re nice guys (with the exception of…two who her female protagonists don’t end up with anyway). I like that Dessen doesn’t glorify the good girl/bad boy relationship. There are nice guys out there ladies. Don’t settle for a bad boy.

5) Parent relationships. There is usually some kind of parent/child conflict in her books, but I love that the parent is never portrayed as the bad guy in the end.

6) Great girl friend relationships. Seriously Halley and Scarlet are #friendgoals along with every other group or pair of girl friends that Dessen has written. They’re honest with each other and fiercely loyal. If you need some girl power in your life, just pick up one of Dessen’s books.

7) Her Twitter feed. Just go follow her. You won’t regret it.

8) The inanimate objects. Hi, where can I get one of Wes’s metal angels or a key necklace? Kay thanks.

9) Characters with great names. Auden, Remy, Macy, Annabel, Halley, Dexter, Wes, Macon. I don’t actually know anyone with these names, but I love them anyway.

10) She’s a great writer. Now, I’m not an expert or anything, but I personally really enjoy the way that Dessen writes. It’s easy to read, but she has some really quotable lines as well. More than anything I like that her books make me FEEL what she’s writing about.


24 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: I’m a Sarah Dessen Fangirl

  1. Ah, this post fills me with the warm and fuzzies! Sarah Dessen is one of my favourite YA authors, and I agree with all the reasons you’ve mentioned, especially #4 and #5. Parent-child conflict is I think something a lot of us go through as teenagers, but most YA books seem to neglect that a bit. #2 also makes me really gleeful. 🙂

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  2. Absolutely adore this list! I could not agree more! I know she said she was taking a break after Saint Anything, but I sure hope she writes something soon. I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next. HATE SPINNERBAIT!

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  3. I am right there with you. SD can do no wrong by me. Love her!!! When I saw her at BookCon last year, I just fell more in love with her, because she is sooooo nice.

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  4. Hate Spinnerbait! HAHAHA OMG, I have finally come across a fellow Sarah Dessen fan!! I literally agree to everything you said in here! My personal favorite among all her books is Just Listen 🙂

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      1. That was the first Sarah Dessen book I’ve read! I liked it a lot, too – I LOVE ALL HER BOOKS SO MUCH – but I guess Just Listen really made the biggest impact on me.

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