Top Ten Tuesday: Books to Movies or TV Shows


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  Each week there is a new topic and this week’s topic is: Top Ten Books I’d Love To See As Movies/TV Shows

Full disclosure: Not my favorite Top Ten Tuesday topic. I’ve been disappointed time and time again with on-screen adaptations of my favorite books. At the same time, I keep going to see them so…ever hopeful I guess. I’ll list the book and then in parentheses whether I think it’d work better as a movie or TV show.

1) Any of Sarah Dessen’s books (movie) – I liked “How to Deal” pretty good, but I would like for one of her books to be made into a movie all by itself.

2) Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (movie) – Her characters are already so real and it’d just be fun to see them on-screen (you’d definitely need to get the RIGHT cast though).

3) Instructions for a Broken Heart by Kim Culbertson (movie) – I think this movie would have a fun foreign feel and it’d be a light, feel-good movie.

4) Ready Player One by Ernest Cline (movie or TV) – This is already in the works, but it NEEDS TO HAPPEN.

5) Any of Jennifer E Smith’s books (movie) – Just so much love.

6) Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan (TV) – This book has really interesting characters so I think it would be fun to see it play out on-screen.

7) The Looking Glass Wars trilogy by Frank Beddor (TV) – Awesome story and I think there’d be a lot of cool possibilities.

8) To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han (movie) – I liked this book and it’d be cool to get some Asian actresses out there.

9) Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson (movie) – A steel city would look awesome on the big screen. The movie would have lots of action as well as some comic relief…it’d be awesome.

10) Fire & Flood series by Victoria Scott (movie or TV) – I know this series isn’t the MOST original thing and I know I didn’t LOVE the books, but I do love the idea of the Pandoras. It would be so awesome to see the Pandoras in action.

Agree/disagree with any of my selections? How do you personally feel about film adaptations?

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books to Movies or TV Shows

  1. I agree with the Sarah Dessen. I like how to deal, but I think one book by itself would be best. I think Along for the Ride or Saint Anything have the best movie potential

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  2. I’m all for seeing Ready Player One as a movie but I’m afraid it won’t live up to the book. I find it hard to believe they can get all the rights to the various things referenced in the book into one movie.

    And I’d love to see Sanderson’s Mistborn series as a TV show. Someone needs to get on that!

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    1. That’s a good point. I have heard (and I’m not sure how concrete or recent this is) that Spielberg is going to be the one directing it. So in that case he would be bringing a lot of the references with him. I’d be disappointed if they weren’t able to portray the virtual world adequately.

      I haven’t read Sanderson’s Mistborn series, but it’s definitely on my list.


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