HW Assignment: Reading Profile

Note: This is a homework assignment for one of my MLS classes. We were asked to create a reading profile for ourselves (basically just describe what we like to read and why).

I’ve always been a big reader. The one exception was my freshman year of college, but once I got a Kindle my love affair with books resumed. I almost exclusively read YA, but am definitely open to other genres. While I’ll read any subgenre within the YA category, I’m especially drawn to contemporary romances, historical fiction, fairy tale retellings, and steampunk. I also have a weak spot for stories about teens who find themselves at strange boarding schools. Oddly specific, I know.

Some of my favorites that I read thisĀ past year include:

I think I like YA so much because I’m not too far past that age myself. I can still relate to the characters even if I’m not in that exact same period of life. I also love that the writing can still be beautiful and impactful, but that the plot and characters are the most driving elements of the story.

But like I said in my intro paragraph, I’m open to branching out. This past year I participated in Popsugar’s Reading ChallengeĀ and it made me read some books that I otherwise wouldn’t have been motivated to pick up. I read my first graphic novel and fell in love with Anthony Doerr’sĀ All the Light We Cannot See. I’m excited to see what other books I discover in this class.