5 blog posts that I want to share | January 2018

This is a new series that I’d like to start where I spotlight some blog posts that I’ve really enjoyed throughout the month. I just decided to start doing it, though, so most of the posts here are from the last week or so. Hopefully next month I can try to bookmark posts as the month progresses and give a full month recap. So let’s get started!

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Anne @ Books Baking & Blogging reviewed Strange the Dreamer – Hi, yes, I am completely in love with this book too. Her review is great and just really hits all of the same reasons that I loved this book as well. It’s so good! For anyone who hasn’t read it yet, it was my favorite read from 2017…so go read it!

Maren @ The Worn Bookmark started a new reading challenge – I absolutely love the idea of this challenge! She’s challenging herself to read books set in different geographic locations and she’s dropping pins on a Google Map to keep track. I think I would love to do something like this, but I might not be very good at keeping it up.

Zoe @ My Life with Books gave some audiobook recommendations – I have a love/hate relationship with audiobooks. I really like the idea of them, but often I can read a book faster than I can listen to it, so it almost feels like a waste of time. I’m also very picky about my audiobooks because I have to like the reader’s voice. With baby boy coming this year, I’m thinking this could be a great opportunity to really dive into audiobooks and Zoe gives some great recommendations to start me off.

Kristilyn @ Reading in Winter talks about being a bookish mom – An especially timely post for me. I’ve had my concerns about how my reading habits will change when the baby comes (I’m officially less than 100 days from my due date!). This post really helped me to adjust my expectations.

Carrie @ Cat on the Bookshelf gave some tips on finding good FanFic – I have always been both intrigued and overwhelmed by the idea of FanFic. I just have no idea where to even start! Carrie gives some really good tips for both people who have already delved into the FanFic world and for newbies like me.

One thing I really love about this community is how open bloggers seem to be with each other and the interesting things that we talk about. I love reading your guys’ discussion posts and more often than not they really get me thinking. So thanks for sharing your thoughts with me, I hope that my contributions can measure up even a little bit.

What posts have you enjoyed that I missed from this month? Let me know in the comments!