BOOK TAG: Sailor Moon Book Tag

I was tagged by Deanna over at A Novel Glimpse, thanks for the tag! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these and I admit to having never seen an episode of Sailor Moon (sorry guys!)


The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman – Just everything the Hempstock’s make… Please get in my mouth.


Ten Thousand Skies Above You by Claudia Gray – I could have also put the first book for this one, but I feel like the second one was a tad more science-y.


Ready Player One by Ernest Cline – This book makes me want to play ALL THE GAMES mentioned in the book. I especially like the idea of the movie line one…that one would be way fun.


Impossible by Nancy Werlin – This book is a really interesting take on the Scarborough Fair song. I read it way back when I was in junior high or high school and then again more recently–it’s not necessarily what you’d expect, but I liked it.


Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson – Seriously…very strong feelings.


I honestly don’t think I’ve ever LOVED a Post-Apocalyptic book. But let me just get something off my chest. Post-Apocalyptic books and Dystopian books are NOT the same thing. There are times when a dystopian society has emerged after an apocalyptic event, but I would generally classify those as Dystopian books. Post-Apocalyptic to me will usually start in a pretty normal world, we’ll see the apocalyptic event, and then we’ll follow our main character through the aftermath. OR the book starts immediately after the apocalyptic event has occurred. Examples: Gone by Michael Grant or The Arcana Chronicles by Kresley Cole. Not Examples: The Hunger Games, Divergent, or The Maze Runner. Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now.


Passenger by Alexandra Bracken – Overall, I thought this book was pretty good and it’s one of the few time travel books that I’ve read. I’m excited to see where the next book takes us.


Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson – If this isn’t elemental magic, then I don’t know what is.


Just Listen by Sarah Dessen – Can I even get through any kind of list without mentioning my queen?

Honorable Mention: Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson – I can’t remember if music is ever explicitly mentioned in the book, but it does feature Roger’s awesome playlists.


Tangled Webs by Lee Bross – I’ll be honest, I don’t remember too much about this book, but I know there are masquerade balls and I think I liked it a fair amount.


Wonder by R.J. Palacio – This book was definitely impactful for me–I feel like every kid should read it sometime in elementary school.


Whippoorwill by Joseph Monninger – If you love dogs then Hi, this book is for you. There are some parts that are harder to read RE: The dog, but the ending has all the doggy feels.

I tag anyone else who wants to do it! (Because #lazy).

The Playlist Shuffle Tag

Once again, I was tagged by the lovely Deanna @A Novel Glimpse. I remember when tags like this were floating around Facebook back in the day. It almost makes me a little nostalgic… I have a lot of variety on my iPod so this should be interesting.

Put your music on shuffle and list the first 15 songs to play (no cheating) then tag 10 others to do it as well.

1) Lost in My Mind – The Head and the Heart
2) Hey Jude – Across the Universe soundtrack
3) Long Hair Don’t Care – Radical Something
4) Kill Your Heroes – Awolnation
5) Saturday in the Park – Chicago
6) Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen
7) 22 – Taylor Swift
8) If You Leave Me Now – Chicago
9) Fix You – Coldplay
10) Waitin’ on a Woman – Brad Paisley
11) Something New – Tom Fletcher
12) I Knew You Were Trouble. – Taylor Swift
13) Perfect – Pink
14) Holy the Sea – Forgive Durden
15) Bob & Bonnie – Houston Calls

I tag anyone who wants to do this!

BOOK TAG: The Harry Potter Tag

I was tagged by Joey @Thoughts and Afterthoughts

Favorite book?

Easily Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Anyone who says differently is just trying to be a hipster. I mean…TriWizard Tournament. #amiright

Favorite film?

I’ll go with the first one. Granted, I’ve seen the first two like…five million times but the last six only once. However, I stand by my pick. Harry Potter had already cast a spell on the population of the world. Seeing Harry’s world finally realized on screen was really a transcendent experience.

Least favorite book?

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Even while I was reading it the first time, I had a hard time getting into it. The beginning just really dragged in my opinion. I’ve tried to reread it since but ended up not finishing.

Parts of the books/movies that make you cry?


Favorite character?

Hard to say…probably Hermione, but I also like Jenny.

What would your Patronus be?

A great blue heron

If you could have the Resurrection Stone, the Invisibility Cloak, or the Elder Wand, which one would you choose?

NONE OF THE ABOVE. I choose the ability to apparate. Seriously. That would be the best thing ever.

What House would you be in?

Ravenclaw. Without a doubt.

If you could meet any member of the cast, who would it be?

Emma Watson? She seems awesome.

If you were on the Quidditch team, what position would you play?

Sideline. I wouldn’t be on the Quidditch team. Unless my house wanted to lose.

Were you happy with the ending?

Yes? I don’t actually remember since it’s been so long since I’ve read the whole series…I remember feeling an emptiness after realizing that the series was actually over, but I think that I was satisfied.

How much does Harry Potter mean to you?

A lot. I have so many memories surrounding Harry Potter. It’s not what created my love for reading, but it definitely added fuel to the fire.

Alright, as per the usual, I won’t be tagging anyone. But if you feel like you want to do it, go for it!

Day Three: 3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge

Last day! One more time…I was tagged by Emily @The Diary of a Bibliophile. Go look at her blog! It’s awesome.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post a quote for 3 consecutive days (1 quote for each day).
  3. Nominate three new bloggers each day.

This quote comes from A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray.

17234658“Now I know grief is a whetstone. It sharpens all yourlove, all your happiest memories, into blades that tear you apart from within….They say ‘time heals’…what people really mean is that eventually you’ll get used to the pain. You’ll forget who you were without it; you’ll forget what you looked like without your scars.”

I especially love that last part, “you’ll forget what you looked like without your scars.”


A Bit Behind on Books
Aimee @ My Life in Books
Audrey @Forwards and Bookwords

And as a final reminder, feel free to ignore the nomination if you’ve already done it or are just plain not interested!

Day Two: 3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge

Day number two! First off, just as a reminder, I was tagged by Emily @The Diary of a Bibliophile.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post a quote for 3 consecutive days (1 quote for each day).
  3. Nominate three new bloggers each day.

Today’s quote is brought to you by my favorite author, Sarah Dessen. This is from her latest release Saint Anything.

23009402“That was just it. You never knew what lay ahead; the future was one thing that could never be broken, because it had not yet had the chance to be anything. One minute you’re walking through a dark woods, alone, and then the landscape shifts, and you see it. Something wondrous and unexpected, almost magical, that you never would have found had you not kept going. Like a new friend who feels like an old one, or a memory you’ll never forget. Maybe even a carousel.” – pg 413

This book is definitely making my top 5 read this year. I loved it so much. For more of my favorite Saint Anything quotes, click here.


Josie @Josie’s Book Corner
Zakiya @To Borrow or Buy
Nola @Bookfuls Reviews

Like I said yesterday, feel free to ignore the nomination if you’ve already done it or are just plain not interested!

Day One: 3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge

Okay, I’ve been seeing a lot of these floating around the blogosphere but wasn’t sure what they were until I was tagged by Emily @The Diary of a Bibliophile. Her first quote was GREAT so go check it out!


  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post a quote for 3 consecutive days (1 quote for each day).
  3. Nominate three new bloggers each day.

Okay, so here’s my first quote from All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr


“There is pride, too, though–pride that he has done it alone. That his daughter is so curious, so resilient. There is the humility of being a father to someone so powerful, as if he were only a narrow conduit for another, greater thing. That’s how it feels right now, he thinks, kneeling beside her, rinsing her hair: as though his love for his daughter will outstrip the limits of his body. The walls could fall away, even the whole city, and the brightness of that feeling would not wane.” – pg 189

I love this quote. It’s a father thinking about his blind daughter as he helps her bathe. There is such a connection between parent and child that is unfathomable to me at this stage of my life since I don’t have any kids. I do have a 6-month-old nephew though and I do feel that pride every time he accomplishes something new (ex. sitting up by himself). I can only imagine how proud I’ll be of my own kids.


Melanie @Reviews of a Self Proclaimed Bibliophile
Felicia @Felicia Sue Lynn Reviews
Erika & Miedjel @Partners in Books

Feel free to ignore the nomination if you’ve already done it or are just plain not interested!

#ReaderProblems Book Tag

Okay, so I know I tend to go off-grid on the weekends, but I thought I’d do this fun book tag real quick (they don’t require as much brain energy as a review). I was tagged by Shawna @Bookish Reviews.

1) You have 20,000 books on your TBR. How in the world do you decide what to read next?

This usually comes down to what’s currently available at the library and due dates. Rarely do I find myself reading a book that I already own because I can read that any old time whereas library books are like…this temporary thing? So I tend to prioritize those over the books that I own (bad habit, I know).

2) You’re halfway through a book and you’re just not loving it. Do you quit or are you committed?

It really depends on the book. Some books I’m just like, “Um, no” and set it aside. With others, I might have hope until the very end that it’ll get better so I’ll try to stick with it.

3) The end of the year is coming and you’re so close, but so far away on your Goodreads reading challenge. Do you try to catch up and how?

I’d probably try to catch up by reading a little more than usual, but I wouldn’t want it to start feeling like a chore.

4) The covers of a series you love do. not. match. How do you cope?

This is seriously unfathomable to me…I would get all of the books in the series, but I would be very unhappy with whoever’s decision it was to change cover designs/concepts. If given the opportunity, I might rebuy some of the earlier books in the series to have a matching set (but this is only if I like the new cover design/concept better than the old one).

5) Every one and their mother loves a book you really don’t like. Who do you bond with over shared feelings?

My husband. Rarely do we read the same books, so I can just tell him why I don’t like a book and he’ll agree with me. He’s very well-trained.

6) You’re reading a book and you are about to start crying in public. How do you deal?

I look to the ceiling and blink a few times to try to clear the tears. If that doesn’t work, I’ll subtly dab at the corners of my eyes. This has literally happened to me before.

7) A sequel of a book you loved just came out, but you’ve forgotten a lot from the prior novel. Will you re-read the book?

If it’s a series that I’m super excited about, then yes. A lot of times though, I might just feel lukewarm about it and I’ll just count on the author doing a nice little recap within the first chapter.

8) You do not want anyone. ANYONE. borrowing your books. How do you politely tell people nope when they ask?

I don’t actually have this problem…seriously, no one asks me to borrow books.

9) Reading ADD. You’ve picked up and put down 5 books in the last month. How do you get over your reading slump?

This doesn’t really happen to me. If it did, I’ve got a ton of books that I’ve bought and have been excited about reading…I’d probably just read one of those.

10) There are so many new books coming out that you’re dying to read! How many do you actually buy?

Honestly…probably none. I don’t like the idea of spending money on a book that I don’t end up liking or only sort of like (I’m poor, okay???) So I’d probably check it out from the library first, and then if I like it, it’ll go on a list of books I want to buy. I’ll get it eventually.

11) After you’ve bought the new books you can’t wait to get to, how long do they sit on your shelf before you get to them?

For a LONG time. See my answer to question number one. Books that I own are just often not a priority to me.

So thanks for reading about my bookish habits! These are all serious #ReaderProblems that I just don’t think non-readers will understand. I tag anyone who wants to do it!

The Would You Rather Tag

I was tagged for this by cup of tea with that book, please and Joey @Thoughts and Afterthoughts.

Would you rather only read trilogies or only read standalones?

I would choose trilogies. If I like a book or a world then I never really want it to end so it’s always nice when there’s more than one book. But if I don’t like a story then I don’t HAVE to read the rest of the trilogy.

Would you rather only read male or female authors?

The majority of authors that I read are female so I’d have to go with female. Plus, how could you ask me to give up Sarah Dessen or Jennifer E Smith? That’s just inhumane.

Would you rather shop at Barnes and Noble or Amazon?

AMAZON. I think I’m mildly addicted to Amazon. I visit the site at least once a day–sometimes multiple times a day. I’ve bought books, games, clothes, makeup, and even groceries on Amazon before. I LOVE AMAZON. It just makes my life so much easier.

Would you rather books were made into TV shows or movies?

I would have to say movies for this one. I know it’s hard to get everything from a book into a movie, but I don’t like the idea of things being created that weren’t in the original story just to make sure a TV show has enough episodes or seasons.

Would you rather read only 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?

Five books a week for me. I’m a pretty fast reader and even though I don’t currently read five books a week, it’s definitely in the realm of possibility if it was a requirement or I made it a priority. Also, it would KILL me to only be able to read five pages a day.

Would you rather be a professional author or reviewer?

Reviewer for sure. I’ve always thought it would be fun to be a content editor so that’s why I like reviewing. I’ve tried to start books in the past, but I find that I have about zero creativity (I’m super analytical) and so I just end up recycling ideas from books I’ve read.

Would you rather be a librarian or a bookseller?

Bookseller! I think it would be so fun to run an independent bookstore. You could totally control your inventory, maybe get some regulars…it just sounds like it would be really fun to me.

Would you rather only read your favorite genre, or every other genre but your favorite?

This is a tough one…are we counting YA as a genre? Because that’s basically all I read anyway. So, if it counts then only my favorite genre. If it doesn’t then I’d probably choose every other genre.

Would you rather only read ebooks or physical books?

This is a tough one too…I do like the feel of having a physical book in my hands, but the convenience of ebooks is hard to beat. I guess I’d say–if price were no option–physical books.

I tag anyone who wants to do this! #lazy

Disney Character Tag

Hello! I was tagged by Emma @SheReadsBooks

1. The Little Mermaid – A character that is out of their element, a “Fish out of water”.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer. I just read this book (and loved it) and Cinder is definitely out of her element when it comes to Kai.

2. Cinderella – A character that goes through a major transformation.

 The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Both Peeta and Katniss go through so much. How could it not change them?

3. Snow White – A book with an eclectic cast of characters

Miss Peregrin’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. I mean, it’s all in the name, right? All of the kids are super peculiar.

4. Sleeping Beauty – A book that put you to sleep.

O Pioneers! by Willa Cather. We had to read this book in high school and I had such a hard time with it. I might appreciate it more now, but at the time I really did not enjoy it.

5. The Lion King – A character that had something traumatic happen to them in their childhood.

Harry Potter, I really don’t think I need to explain any more than that.

6. Beauty and the Beast – A beast of a book (a big book) that you were intimidated by, but found the story to be beautiful.

Moonstone by Wilkie Collins. I was intimidated because it was the most “classic” book I had read up to that point but I ended up really enjoying it!

7. Aladdin – A character that get’s their wish granted, for better or for worse.

Spelled by Betsy Schow. This one’s pretty literal, but I had a hard time coming up with another one.

8. Mulan – A character that pretends to be something or someone they are not.

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen. The main character goes through a lot of different personalities before the reader is introduced to her. The book is kind of all about her finding out who she really is.

9. Toy Story – A book with characters you wish would come to life.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I’ve said this a bunch of times, but these characters seriously seem so real already.

10. Disney Descendants – Your favourite villain or morally ambiguous character.

Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo. I’m forgetting his title…but he was so easy to hate and you loved to hate him, and he kept you guessing about his true motives the whole time.