Six Months Later by Natalie D Richards

Chloe falls asleep in study hall in May only to wake up in the same room six months later (thus the name of the book). Her entire life is different. Her best friend is no longer speaking to her, she’s dating the most popular guy in school, and shes inexplicably attracted to the school bad boy. How did her life change so drastically in only six months?9781402285516

This book was kind of disappointing for me. I knew a girl in high school who got in a skiing accident and lost a few months of time so I felt like the premise of getting amnesia and then waking up to an entirely different life was intriguing to me. However, this book had some weird conspiracy as part of it and that really detracted from what the book could have been.

How I wish the book had gone: Chloe wakes up six months later and all of these things have changed in her life. She either (a) falls in love with her boyfriend all over again or (b) realizes that she’s not in love with her boyfriend and instead falls for another guy who she’d never really interacted with before her amnesia. Those are two story lines that I would have expected and appreciated. But like I said earlier, there was some weird stuff going on that didn’t seem like it fit well with everything else.

Ignoring how I wish the book had gone, I was very frustrated with the main character. Chloe didn’t want to tell anyone that she’d forgotten the last six months of her life (which, hello, seems pretty important for SOMEBODY to know). I also felt like she never spoke to the right people or asked the right questions. Lastly, nothing really happened until the last 50 pages of the book. The first 300 pages were just Chloe being confused and not telling anybody that she can’t remember anything.

Redeeming quality: Maggie. I loved Maggie as a character because she felt real to me. But that’s about it. Maggie was great, everything else was pretty “meh”.

Overall Rating: 2
Violence: Mild
Sexual Content: Mild
Language: Moderate. 1 F-Word.
Smoking/Drinking: None