On Slow and Steady Blog Growth | My Book Blogging Journey

Hello everyone! Some of you have been on this journey with me since practically the beginning, but I think most of you are pretty new (to me, at least). I’ve officially been a book blogger since March 2015 which means I’ve been doing this for almost 4.5 years (yikes). I originally started my blog because I was at a time in my life when I was reading A TON of books, but not retaining much about them. I had just graduated with my undergrad and was working part-time, but my husband was still in school/doing homework, so I had a lot of free time on my hands (thus the much reading).

I was frustrated that I would read a book, but then couldn’t remember anything about it. So I started this blog so I could have a place for my reviews and could hopefully remember more about what I was reading. I had (briefly) run a personal blog before this (super embarrassing and long deleted) so I sort of knew what I was doing, but not really.

My blogging journey since then has had a lot of ups and downs. I would go through spurts where I would post EVERY DAY (sometimes more than once) but then others where I wouldn’t post for weeks. This is what my yearly blog stats currently look like:


2016 was clearly my most productive year, but that’s also when I started Library School and I had to do blog posts for some of my classes. Thus, a lot of those views are actually from classmates and don’t really count since, you know, they were doing it for a grade.

My next (and biggest) dip came right after I had my baby in April 2018. Some of you might remember that he came 5.5 weeks early and then we promptly moved up to live with my parents in Seattle for an internship. That summer was a HUGE dip in reading and blogging and it’s been hard to get back in a rhythm since. As soon as I whip out a book, my baby MUST come over and see what I’m doing, so it’s been harder to get reading time in. Despite that, in the beginning of 2019 I recommitted to this blog.

But then, life happens again. Another turbulent April. My grandmother unexpectedly passed away, we had three weddings around that time as well, plus my husband was graduating from Grad School, and then the next month I was trying to wrap everything up at work since we were moving to a completely different state…it was a lot.

Now we’re here. Life has calmed down significantly as we find our new rhythm in California and as I figure out what it’s like to be a full-time stay-at-home mom. I’m hoping to be able to dedicate time to reading and this blog again on a more consistent basis (fitting blogging and reading in at naptime/bedtime).

From a mildly seasoned blogger, I just want to convey the message that it’s okay if your blog isn’t growing as fast as you want it to or think it should. I cannot count the number of posts I’ve seen where someone is like, “OMG I’ve been blogging for 6 months and just hit 1,000 followers thxsomuch!!!” Which is fine, good for them. Honestly, I have no idea how they do it. I’ve been blogging for years and currently have 918 followers–at least half of which I’m SURE are either bots or inactive accounts. Here’s a look at my monthly views since this blog’s inception:


So if you’re a new (or old) blogger and you feel like things aren’t happening for you just…don’t get discouraged, okay? Remember why you started your blog in the first place. It’s a journey and it can be frustrating, but in the end you started your blog for a reason and I’ve found significant comfort in regrounding myself in that reason.

I have no idea how my stats compare to other blogs, but those are real numbers and I’m only looking to compare my blog to where I’ve been in the past. This June has been looking much better than last June, so that’s enough for me.

18 thoughts on “On Slow and Steady Blog Growth | My Book Blogging Journey

  1. Thanks for sharing! After 5 years blogging I really just have to not think about these things but it is frustrating to hear people say oh my Gosh I’ve been doing this for six months and I have 5,000 or wow, I haven’t touched my blog in four months and I got another thousand followers!

    In the end you really do just do it for love 🙂

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  2. I’m often amazed by how quickly people seem to gain followers and views. However, I’ve noticed many people who start out incredibly successful also seem to burn out quickly. It’s difficult to keep up the type of momentum where you’re commenting on, I don’t know 50 blogs a day to get views, or whatever it is people are doing.

    My blog definitely didn’t start out huge! And, even now, I see noticeable dips in views from not commenting around all the time. However, we do post on our blog every time and so a lot of my time goes towards maintaining my own blog and not necessarily blog hopping. Sometimes you have to choose what to focus on; nobody can do it all.

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve been blogging since 2014 and this year have had to step away a bit due to personal life events and it can be hard to be OK with that, especially when there’s newbies on the scene with so much momentum! I’m so glad though to see other bloggers like you who have been around for a while and keep at it- I love seeing folks who are from our “start class” if you will and are still around! Also, congrats on the move and I hope you are enjoying California so far!

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  4. Great post! I’ve been blogging since January 2011, when I started Library School. For the first few years, all my posts were for various classes, or about library school. I switched to reviews after I graduated in Jan. 2014. However, it’s been slow growth. I make a New Year’s resolution every year to make at least one post a week, but until this year have never been able to sustain it. I had it going for a bit the last half of last year, until November when I forgot when my scheduled posts stopped. Now, I’m so far ahead I have post through the end of August! But I still don’t have anywhere near your number of views or followers. But that’s OK. I do it for fun.

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      1. It is the most important thing! Otherwise, it’s not fun anymore. In addition to staying on top of things, I’ve read more this year I think. it helps that all my shows got canceled! And writing for another website I think has helped. Some of those readers have followed me to my own blog I think.

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