Provo Library’s Best Books of 2018 | YA Non-Fiction, Fiction, & Graphic Novels

Every year my local library puts on a “Best Books of…” event and I love it! A lot of the books I’ve already heard of, but I always come away with new books on my TBR! Even though I do work here, I wasn’t part of putting on the event or choosing the books–I was able to just attend as a patron, so that was super fun as well. I made my book club come with me too, so hopefully some of these books will make it into our discussions! Here’s a link for anyone who missed my post on the Adult non-fiction and fiction list.

Provo Library Best Books YA

Bolded books are ones that are on my TBR. Italics are ones I’ve read.

Comics & Graphic Novels
Have you read any of these? What young adult books would you add to the list?

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Provo Library Best Books YA

7 thoughts on “Provo Library’s Best Books of 2018 | YA Non-Fiction, Fiction, & Graphic Novels

    1. They’ve got a great selection of YA comics and graphic novels and their adult selection is growing as well. It’s hard, though, the librarian has to get virtually everything approved before she can add it. One “bad” panel, and she has to send it back. I know it’s been a big area of frustration for her.


  1. I’m sure that’s really frustrating for her, especially if she doesn’t agree that she should have to send it back. I’m glad it’s growing though. Some graphic novels I’m surprised are there and then others I wish were. What qualifies as a “bad” panel in the adult section?

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    1. Usually, naked people. Yesterday she was reviewing a book called Kid Gloves (which has non-sexual naked panels in it). She was going through our existing pregnancy books to show that we already had the same type of content in our collection. Then she’ll be making a case to the director. He’s pretty good, but he has to take into account what the library board would think.

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