A brief issue with bookstagram

I’ve been noticing that a new trend has hit bookstagram some time in the last year… All of these bookstagrammers are posting pictures of paperback books with the cover folded all the way back so you can see the title page. What is this madness? Every time I see one of those pictures I just think about how that poor cover is never going to lay flat again! I would post some examples, but I don’t want to put anyone specifically on the spot–especially since it seems like EVERYONE IS DOING IT. I mean, people can do whatever they want with their own books, but I could never imagine making that sacrifice for the gram.

Do you guys have any bookstagram pet peeves?

10 thoughts on “A brief issue with bookstagram

  1. Ahaha, I’ve done that too, BUT only with books with floppy covers that’ll not be damaged by it. I feel like it’s an easy way to create different images with the same book + some title pages are SO PRETTY and I love to showcase them. I can’t imagine doing it with the type of paperbacks that have a harder cover that would break. 😐

    One of my pet peeves was when a couple of people were burning books for the aesthetic, and it made me so angry lol. A lot of people can’t afford books ffs, so why not just give a book you don’t need away, or sell it for cheap etc instead of burning it, because it’ll look pretty. Also, it gives me great anxiety when people put their books down onto a wet surfaces or the snow.

    Great post!

    Veronika @ The Regal Critiques

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