How to Stay in Bed All Day | Staying in Essentials

I work full-time and, until recently, I was also finishing up my Masters program. I would always work really hard during the week to try to get all of my homework done so that Saturday and Sunday could just be days of relaxation. My husband will confirm that I spent many a Saturday in bed with a book. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your lazy day in bed:

1) Know what you want to read.
You don’t have to read the same book all day, but it’s important that you have some idea of what book(s) you want to read before you get started. When preparing, I would recommend creating a stack (or folder on your Kindle) of books that you’d like to read. Try to pick from a variety of genres–you never know what mood you’ll be in when you wake up Saturday morning. If you think you might be in a serious bingeing mood, maybe consider starting that series that everyone’s been talking about and you’ve been meaning to read (or the one you’ve been collecting on your shelves and STILL haven’t gotten to. Guilty).

Reading in Bed

2) Be in control of your body temperature.
Depending on the weather outside, you may want to have blankets or a fan at the ready. I know that my body temperature seems to fluctuate throughout the day. At times I’ll need three blankets and at others I’ll be kicking them all off and ditching my comfy hoodie. Be prepared to make yourself warmer or cooler without having to get out of bed to adjust the thermostat.

3) Know what snacks/drinks work well in bed.
One of the worst things is finding crumbs in your bed when you’re trying to sleep. I’m not opposed to eating in bed (which I do basically every day) but there are some foods that are better to eat in bed than others. I recommend anything that’s not too crumbly, flaky, or gooey. As far as drinks go, you’re probably going to want to use a bedside table to keep those on a solid surface–way too easy to spill otherwise.

4) Make sure your lighting is just right.
I’m not trying to strain my eyes by reading in the dark, if you know what I mean. Natural lighting changes, especially if you plan on staying in bed for an extended period of time. Make sure you have a lamp near you or that you have easy access to adjust your blinds if you need to. Or better yet, just use a backlit e-reader like a Kindle Paperwhite (not an ad, I just really love my Kindle Paperwhite)(Her name is Ellie).

5) Dress comfortably!
Maybe you just want to stay in your PJs all day, but maybe you have a super special pair of sweatpants that are literally softer than any other substance on Earth. By all means, wear those! The last thing you want is to be distracted from the story by a scratchy tag or a sock that keeps falling off. Get cozy!

6) Remember that this day is for you.
If you’re not enjoying the book you picked out, start reading a different one. Slogging through a book that you’re not really into will prevent you from reaching your full lazy day potential. Read what you want but also don’t feel like you HAVE to read all day. If you need to break up your reading with a mini Office binge-sesh then go for it! This is a day for you to relax and enjoy yourself–you deserve it.

So there you have it! Those are my tips for an ultimate lazy day in bed. Did I miss anything? What are your lazy day must-haves? Let me know in the comments!

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