”Perfect” Girl Realizes That Being Perfect is Boring (The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen)

The Truth About ForeverMacy is fine, just fine. That’s what she’s been telling everyone since her dad died. While this doesn’t always feel true, Macy wants everyone around her to believe it and her boyfriend Jason makes things a little bit easier. Jason is perfect. He’s organized, smart, and most of all he makes Macy feel normal–not like that girl whose dad died. But Jason is going to “Brain Camp” and Macy knows that she has a long summer ahead of her until she meets the Wish Catering crew. They take Macy in and make her feel normal even if she’s not always perfect.

This is my absolute favorite Sarah Dessen book of all time. I feel like I relate to Macy in a lot of ways. There have been times in the past when I’ve disagreed with some of the choices that Dessen’s protagonists are making, but I really feel like I get Macy. Her decisions make sense to me. Deep down she’s just a really good girl who is genuinely trying to help others around her–especially her mother. She’s realistically flawed and most of all, she’s someone who you can cheer for.

I love the cast of secondary characters in this book and the relationships that they have with each other. The Wish crew is absolutely perfect in every way. Delia, Kristy, Monica, Bert, and Wes have a really fun dynamic and I love that Delia has taken a “mother” role with all of them. Every scene where Wish is working a job is fun to read. Disasters are happening all over the place, but it never feels overwhelmingly chaotic–the reader knows that things are going to work out.

Macy’s family has a really interesting dynamic as well. I like Caroline a lot as a character because I feel like she’s really brave. By renovating the beach house, she’s doing something that the other members of the family don’t have the courage to do. She’s noticed that the family has splintered a bit since her father died and the beach house is her way of bringing the family back together and saving those relationships. I also like that she’s forgiving. It’s not in her to hold grudges.

Wes and Macy’s relationship is just a friendship for most of the book, which I liked. I liked that they really go to know each other well by playing truth before anything remotely romantic happened between them. Wes was definitely my first hardcore book crush. His sculptures sound amazing and I’d really like to see a picture of them or something. Like a lot of Dessen’s other romantic leads, he’s a really good guy. I always appreciate that our main character ends up with a good guy and I like that Wes had a slightly troubled past, but realized he wasn’t heading down the right path and got on the right one.

Overall, this book makes a great beach read while also having depth. Dessen is really good at exploring relationships and this book is no exception. I really only have one critique that holds true for her other books as well. I feel like teenage drinking is handled really casually. Characters are always going to parties and drinking beer–even the “good” characters. I wish Dessen didn’t portray that as so normal because I actually don’t think underage drinking is a good thing. That’s really the only problem I have though. Go read her books!

Overall Rating: 5
Language: Moderate
Violence: None
Smoking/Drinking: Moderate
Sexual Content: Mild