REVIEW TRAIN: Open Road Summer by Emery Lord [GIVEAWAY]

I’m so happy to have the opportunity to participate in this Summer Review Train with some of my favorite bloggers! I hope you guys have been enjoying all of the different stops, because I know I have. Check back tomorrow with Space Between the Spines for the last stop on the Review Train and a GIVEAWAY!

Reagan is currently on tour with her superstar best friend Lilah Montgomery (but everyone that actually knows her calls her Dee). Both girls just got out of relationships and are ready to have a fun, girls only summer. Unfortunately, a strategically cropped photo of Dee appears on the internet and when some of her fans turn on her, management is forced to bring on a new act to open for her. Matt Finch is definitely not Reagan’s type but apparently no one told him that.

After reading Lord’s book The Start of Me and You I thought that I definitely need to read everything from this author. Open Road Summer was great, not necessarily on par with The Start of Me and You in my opinion, but still fantastic. Reagan was, at times, hard to like. She had a serious attitude problem and the reader gets the sense that she really has no idea who she is at the end of the day. I would not say that Reagan is necessarily a good role model even though she does grow a lot by the end of the book. She likes to dress in tight, revealing clothing, she smokes (though she is trying to quit), and she isn’t that shy about drinking. Lord has almost made her into an anti-hero type and uses Dee as a contrasting figure.

The relationships throughout this book were really great. I love when authors portray strong girl friendships and even though Reagan and Dee are so different, they’re still such good friends. At the start, their friendship doesn’t really make sense, but the reader gets some glimpses into their past throughout the book that gives their relationship more depth. Another relationship that I really liked was between Reagan and her dad. Her dad doesn’t feature that prominently in the story line, but I feel like they have a couple of good moments and it’s obvious how hard he’s trying to be a good dad. Some people in the blogging community have commented on how parents seem to be absent in YA books? While that’s kind of true in this book as well, I think Lord does a great job with her adult characters of portraying good parents. Reagan’s dad and both of Dee’s parents are portrayed in a really positive light.

Overall, this book was really fun. I liked the road trip-esque aspect of it and I liked that our characters had some obvious development at the end. Reagan wasn’t always my favorite, but at least I feel like I could understand most of her mindsets and reactions.

Overall Rating: 4
Language: Moderate
Violence: Mild
Smoking/Drinking: Moderate
Sexual Content: Mild

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16 thoughts on “REVIEW TRAIN: Open Road Summer by Emery Lord [GIVEAWAY]

  1. Great review! Never heard of this author but I think I’ll definitely check her out. I know what you mean about parents not really being prominent in YA books, there are only a few I can think of where I actually remember there being a really good relationship between the hero and her parent. Most of the time they’re either dead or non-existent.

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  2. I haven’t read anything by Emery Lord, so I was definitely looking forward to your review. It looks like this book, in addition to The Start of Me and You, will have to be put into my contemporary romance pile soon! I love a good character driven book and that Reagan is something of an anti-hero is particularly appealing to me. I read far too much about girls who are seemingly perfect or who have everything together, so it’s a breath of fresh air to see the opposite in YA. After all, half the fun is actually growing (or at least seeing growth in the character) with the MC.

    I also like that the father was involved. Far too often, we see parents fall to the wayside in YA, or any positive adult figure, really. I’m interested to see how their relationship progresses, especially since she seems to go against the grain.

    Lovely review! And thanks so much for being a part of the Review Train – it’s meant so much! <333


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    1. Thank you! I had so much fun participating–it was a really great idea! If you do try some of Lord’s books, I hope you enjoy them. I feel like all of the characters I’ve read from her seem to be realistically flawed which is (as you said) quite refreshing.


  3. I’ve wanted to read one of her books and I wasn’t sure where to start. I’ve heard tons of great things about When We Collided. Have you read that one yet? I love books that feature female friendships at their core, so I may give this one a shot in the near future. Loved the review!

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  4. I’m not normally into contemporary, but I do agree that it’s great to see a variety of relationships in a book. I kind of like the sound of the contrast between Reagan and Dee. And it’s so great to see a parent actually trying to be a good parent in a book! I might have to pick it up just for that. XD Awesome review!

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