Summer 2016 Review Train [GIVEAWAY]

Hello Everyone! Summer is almost upon us and that is a very exciting thing. For me, Summer is a time for late night fast food runs, shave ice, Wiffle ball games, homemade ice cream, and (of course) lots of reading! For those wondering, yes, food really does play that big of a role in my life. Anyway, I’m pleased to announce that I will be participating in a fun little Summer celebration with some of my fellow bloggers. Welcome to the Summer 2016 Review Train!

Click the picture above to go to the info page @Space Between the Spines. From that page you can get all of the details on the train with stop dates and everything. There are also a couple of details on a GIVEAWAY that is being hosted 😉

As a little bonus, here’s a list of 20 quotes about summer from books.