HW Assignment: Marketing Your Collection (Prompt #9)

While there are a lot of ways to market your collection, I think there are a few really successful ways that can get people excited about the books you have to offer and hopefully increase circulation. First, nothing gets the word out about what books you’re excited about than catchy displays. There are so many fun themes and topics you can run with–you’d be hard pressed to run out of ideas. Displays can be colorful and dramatic but still fit in with the library. One display in particular that I remember from my local library was a selection of “roadtrip kits”. Basically what they did, is they bundled together a couple of books that you could just grab to check out and head out on your trip without having to think too hard about it. Displays are a great way to bring attention to less utilized areas of your collection or to incorporate other types of media like movies, music, and audiobooks as well.

Another great way to market you collection is by creating booklists. Booklists serve a similar purpose to displays where they can draw attention to specific themes or topics. However, while displays get old after a while and need to be changed out, this is not necessarily the case with booklists. You could use the same booklists all year potentially, but you will want to make sure to keep them at least semi-current.

Lastly, I think it’s a great idea to do a “year in review” type activity for patrons. My library has done this a couple of years in a row and I think it’s really great. Basically, the librarians divide up into Children’s, Young Adult, and Adult groups and then give booktalks on their favorite books from the year. This is a wonderful way to bring attention to new collection items but to also increase circulation of specific books. I came away from that activity with multiple books to add to my TBR and it’s wonderful knowing that my library has all of them on the shelf.


8 thoughts on “HW Assignment: Marketing Your Collection (Prompt #9)

  1. Displays and visual attractions can work to draw attention to your purpose. I like the idea you have about involving different forms of media. I would imagine that some displays or placement of these displays can be counterproductive. I can walk into a library and completely bypass visual displays so I think that the wording on the displays is more important to me than object or coloring. Single words or short catch-phrases would work over a display with all of its words evenly sized. I also like the idea of promoting through advertisement on book marks kept close to the circulation/checkout areas.
    The “year-in-review” type activity you offered is admirable. I am curious to know how the “year-in-review” activity is pitched to the public/users since that language is clearly librarian-language, than user language.

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  2. I really like the “Year-in-review” idea. I think that sometimes great books may get lost in the shuffle amongst the New York Times Best Sellers shuffle. The librarians have probably read a lot of great books during the year that aren’t on the NYT list, so this would be a great way for patrons to find out about them. Great job!

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  3. I also like the “Year in Review” idea. I think that would be a great way to highlight books that have been particular in the library’s community not just what hit nationwide bestseller lists. It could also highlight books that were related to special events at the library, which could help promote those events as well. Maybe it could also feature a few upcoming releases to get patrons excited about the year ahead.

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  4. Your Year in Review idea is a great way to take what might be a display to the next level. We did a Best Books of 2015 display which was quite popular at the end of 2015 and early 2016. Going beyond the display to include book talks would be a great way to further market those titles and give staff members the opportunity to promote a book or books they really liked, since there are so many “best of” year-end lists from which to choose.

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