ANNOTATION: The White Queen by Philippa Gregory

5971165The White Queen by Philippa Gregory

Genre: Historical Fiction

Publication Date and # pages: January 1st 2009, 529 pages

Plot Summary: Elizabeth Woodville has lost both her husband and her lands to the Cousins’ war. She is left with two sons and has nothing left to lose as she pleads her case to the new king, Edward. Not only does she receive her lands back, but she finds herself secretly married to Edward as well. When the marriage is revealed, some are outraged and Elizabeth quickly makes enemies. As Elizabeth becomes accustomed to court, she is able to maneuver her family into position until the Rivers’ are one of the most powerful families at court. Things cannot stay peaceful for long however, and soon others are fighting her husband for the right to wear the crown. As a descendant of a water goddess, Elizabeth will do whatever she must to ensure her husband maintains the crown and that her son will wear it after.

Characteristics of Historical Fiction: Centers around both specific events and characters. Family saga as the series follows this family through generations. Language and characters are consistent with the time period. Readers are immersed in court life and the politics/motivations of various “players”.

Appeal Terms: Unhurried pace, descriptive language and details, character-driven

Read-alikes: The Agincourt Bride by Joanna Hickson; The Virgin Queen’s Daughter by Ella March Chase; The Pleasure Palace by Kate Emerson; other titles by Philippa Gregory

4 thoughts on “ANNOTATION: The White Queen by Philippa Gregory

  1. This sounds really interesting. When I first saw the title, it made me think of the Narnia books. Books about kings and queens and fighting over who rules the land sounds like a book I should read for myself. Great annotation!

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    1. Thank you! I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I started this book. While the author had to fill in a lot of blanks in history, I still felt like I learned a lot about a time period/events that I had no previous knowledge about.


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