HW Assignment: Prompt 3

Romance is a genre that some people look down upon in book form. At the same time, I think romantic comedies and romances as movies are very, very popular. I would want to create a display called, “You’ve Seen the Movie, Now Read the Book!” One part of the display would feature some popular romantic comedy and romance movies with their book counterparts (ex.¬†The Time Traveler’s Wife by¬†Audrey Niffenegger,¬†Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin,¬†PS, I Love You by Cecelia Ahern, Austenland by Shannon Hale,¬†etc.). Another section of the display would feature popular romance movies with some romance book read-alikes. The last section of this display would be romance books that are in the process of becoming movies or will soon be in theaters.

The overall goal with this display is to expose readers to romance as a book genre and to help them make that transition from romance movies to romance books. We want patrons to see that they already like the stories being told in these books by showing the connections between movies that they may have enjoyed and their book counterparts. Hopefully by doing this we can remove some of the stigma that currently surrounds this genre. This display would probably be most effective in February¬†close to¬†Valentine’s Day but may be able to work around Christmas time with more seasonal books and movies.

8 thoughts on “HW Assignment: Prompt 3

  1. Great idea! I’d also like the other side of the coin – “you’ve read the book – did you know it was made into a movie?” ūüôā I know we’re promoting reading, here, but sometimes it’s neat to RE-read a book, because you have just discovered that it is indeed a movie or tv miniseries.

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  2. I agree, romance movies are very popular. I know that I enjoy reading a book and watching the movie after. Doing it in the reverse order is an interesting idea. I am sure some people would be surprised to find out that the movie they just watched was a book first!

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  3. This would be a great display. I like that the focus is more on contemporary movies/romances, which are often made into some pretty successful movies. There would be a lot of pairings to choose from! This would be a good way to attract the eyes of both people looking for book and those looking for movies.

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  4. I really like this idea! I agree that romance has a stigma around it, one that I myself even partake in, and it would be a good idea to try and dispel it. As long as a book makes a person happy, who cares what genre it is or what the subject matter is? It’s not worth it to be a book snob – you can miss out on so much!

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