ANNOTATION: The Amber Room by Steve Berry


The Amber Room by Steve Berry

Genre: Adventure

Publication Info: 8/26/2003, 416 pages

Plot Summary: When Rachel Cutler’s father, a WWII survivor, passes away under suspicious circumstances, she’s launched into a dangerous treasure hunt. Using clues unwittingly left by her father, Rachel travels to Germany to discover the truth behind the stories of the mysterious Amber Room. Followed by her ex-husband, the two go on a deadly adventure to find out just what happened to the Amber Room during WWII and where it might reside today.

Characteristics of Adventure: Treasure hunt, foreign setting with detailed descriptions, the sense of a ticking clock, main characters encounter multiple dangers, extremely evil villains, extravagant characters and far-fetched plot.

Appeal Terms: Descriptive, suspenseful tone, character-driven

Read-alikes: The Istanbul Puzzle by Laurence O’Bryan; The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown; The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry


14 thoughts on “ANNOTATION: The Amber Room by Steve Berry

  1. The description is enticing! I think you did a great job at giving the summary of the plot without revealing too much of it to have spoilers. I would think that with adventure books especially, the reader not knowing the plot twists and surprises in the book would be especially important as those are what makes the adventure so interesting.

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  2. For my annotation, I chose to read a much older, classic, adventure novel (The Three Musketeers, actually) and it’s really interesting to see the similarities with more modern adventure novels. Even though the Three Musketeers is a much older book, they both have a lot of historical influence (which I have noticed is very big in adventure novels!), fast-paced plot, and evil villains. It’s been interesting reading everyone’s annotations!

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  3. This sounds like one that would appeal to a lot of people with various genre tastes, even though the plot may be far-fetched. I wonder when it comes to WWII, if some of the truths are stranger than fiction.

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  4. I love your review and it also sounds like it may have some aspects of a mystery. I would love to hear more about this book. Yet another book that I might consider reading in the future. Based on the annotation this one, I think it would great for historical fans. Possibly why I might like this book. Thank you for sharing.

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