Winter by Marissa Meyer (SPOILERS)

Okay, normally I try to avoid including spoilers in my review, but I find that I just cannot talk about this book without them. So reader be warned.

winter-finalThis book was everything that I wanted it to be and more. I think it must be hard when you have such a hyped series to end it in a way that is satisfying for everyone–but I think Meyer was (for the most part) able to accomplish that. I liked that the book starts right where the third book left off. It really throws the reader into this world in a way that they become immediately invested in what’s going on. Meyer is also very good at doing some recapping without it feeling like review (especially for those of us readers who just discovered and devoured the series this last year). The characters were all just as great as they were in the previous books and had the same witty banter going back and forth. There were a lot of times in this book (and the past ones) where I’m just going, “Okay, how the heck are they going to get out of this one? There’s no way everything will work out okay!” But then it does and even better than that–it makes sense how it does. Sometimes an author will do something and I’ll think, “Hmmm…not so sure about that” but not with these books.

The fairy tale elements were awesome and seamless. Every time something started happening to echo the actual fairy tale of Snow White, I would get a little excited. I don’t know why, but I got a little giddy when they brought out the stasis chamber or whatever to save Winter. I just thought it was all so clever!

I love how strong all of the female characters are in this book. Not only are they strong, but they are strong in perhaps traditionally masculine ways. Cinder is a great mechanic, Scarlet is a skilled pilot, Cress is an awesome hacker, Winter is a great natural leader, even Levana is a really good strategist (though I hate to admit it). It’s so awesome to me that these books are based off of fairy tales where the women are portrayed as damsels in distress. In these books, the women are saving the men just as much as (if not more than) the men are saving the women. Girl power!

Now that I’ve talked about how awesome the women are…I can’t help but gush over the romances. I seriously ship Thorne and Cress so hard. The other romances are fine–whatever. But I LIVED for the scenes between Thorne and Cress *sigh*. On another note, the most heartbreaking thing in this book for me was Wolf’s transformation after he’s been captured. Obviously I knew that Scarlet would still love him, but for some reason it really made me sad that this irreversible thing had happened to him. How can something like that not change their relationship? It has to.

Okay, just to wrap up, there were a couple of things that I didn’t like about this book. First, I think it’s unrealistic that all nine of our main characters made it out alive (the four couples plus Iko). They go through this huge battle–Lunar citizens are being killed left and right–but all nine of our protagonists make it through with only slight injuries? It’s just not realistic. I mean, compare this to Harry Potter, right? Sure our three main characters made it out, but not all of the characters who had been there from the beginning did. In fact, quite a few of my favorite characters ended up dying. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m happy they all survived and can live Happily Ever After–but is this realistic? I think you’ll agree with me that it is NOT. Second, I saw another blogger bring up that the book does not look like it’s over 800 pages long (due to the thinness of the pages). While my shelf space is grateful for this, my pride as a reader wishes that the book looked like it was as long as it is. Yes, I want people to visit my apartment and go, “Whoa, you read that whole thing?” Vain, I know. But what can I say?

Overall, I thought this book was GREAT. Totally worth the wait, definitely worth the hype. If you liked the first three books, you’ll like this one. If you haven’t read the first three books, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Seriously, you need to pick this series up ASAP.

Overall Rating: 5
Language: None
Violence: Heavy. Very large quantity, but not a lot of gory details.
Smoking/Drinking: Mild
Sexual Content: Mild

23 thoughts on “Winter by Marissa Meyer (SPOILERS)

  1. OK, I just finished two nights ago! I loved it! I loved the fairy tale elements as well, and I think I was also the most heartbroken for Wolf. But I think he overcame it a little too quickly. I expected him to try to hurt Scarlet before realizing it was all new programming. Thorne and Cress’ are awesome together. Although they picked a really inopportune time to have that kiss and conversation. I also agree it’s too unrealistic that they all made it out alive, albeit almost every single one of them had at least a minor injury (accept Kai). I expected Kinney to be Iko’s date to the coronation though. I still think they might end up at least flirting a bit more. Which is why I can’t wait for Stars Above.

    Also, I think I might do a fancast post, but I need a suggestion for Cinder, Wolf, and Thorne. I’ll of course give you credit if I use your suggestion

    I also can’t wait for Heartless in the Fall. I’ve never been an Alice in Wonderland fan, but I’ll try it if it’s Meyer.

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    1. You are so right about Wolf overcoming it too quickly. I felt that way as well.

      I know what you’re saying about Kinney and Iko. It’s like I kind of want them to be a couple, but then again she’s not human…so…that would also be kind of weird.

      I am so excited to see what else Meyer comes up with. These books seriously blew me away. I don’t usually read the extra novellas and stuff that have been coming out with series’ lately, but I’m definitely making an exception in this case. I just need more!

      I’m honestly not very good at coming up with Fancasts haha. But I’ll let you know if I think of anything.


      1. Well, Iko is capable of emotions, and she does have and escort droid body, although it’s never said how anatomically correct it is. It would be a bit weird. I think that’s why Kinney went from thinking she was pretty to disgust once he realized she wasn’t human.

        Just let me know. I’m not that good either! I have a hard enough time casting my own characters for my story! I’ll be working on the post for a while I think.

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      2. Okay, I found someone for Wolf. His name is Trent Ford (he was in the Mandy Moore movie “How to Deal” based off of a couple of Sarah Dessen’s books) but he’s also probably too old. I think we just need to find someone younger who looks like him.


      1. What about Bob Morley who plays Bellamy in The 100? He’s still a bit old, but not as old as Trent Ford, and he currently plays a character the same age as Wolf. He’s got freckles, but considering they’d have to add the facial scars, they can use makeup to get rid of those at the same time. He can do the fierceness and the more caring side quite well.

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      2. I forgot about the eye color. Contacts can fix that though. I mean all the Twilight actors wore contacts after all.

        What do you think of Maggie Q for Levana, Ken Watanbe for Torrin, and Michelle Yeoh for Adri? Asian actors are not my strong suite, but I think they fit.

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      3. DEFINITE yes to Adri. I think Ken would be a good Torrin, but I could also see him as Kai’s dad (but he doesn’t have much of a role). I think Maggie Q could be a good Levana, but I didn’t picture her (or any of the Lunar royal family) as being Asian.


      4. I didn’t either actually. But I read on the LC wiki that they are supposed to be part Asian. Or was it Meyer’s website. I don’t remember but most of the casting I’ve seen for Cinder at least is part Asian actresses. I haven’t liked any of the suggestions I’ve seen for Levana, I either don’t like the actress or the choice is the opposite problem as the others, too young. But she’s such a good actress I think she could pull off the regalness and the crazy and the vulnerable really well.

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      5. Yeah, I can definitely see that! And you’re right about Cinder! It’s right there on Meyer’s blog. That’s so interesting! I feel like my entire worldview has changed haha. I’ll have to think harder about who could play her then.


      6. I thought since they originally hid her in Europe, she’d be of European origin. But I guess I was wrong. But given the doctor’s alias, I did picture him as being Eastern European.


      7. Yeah, I was kind of thinking just because she was in the Eastern Commonwealth didn’t mean she had to be Asian–I guess I didn’t really picture any Lunars being Asian. Obviously I’m wrong. I’ll have to go reread the books now haha.


      8. It kinda makes sense why they ultimately chose to hide her there, not just because Garan created the device, but because she’d blend in more. But even after I knew, I had trouble picturing her as part Asian.

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  2. I totally agree about the fairy tale parts–I loved figuring out “oh! This is like the story! I get it!” In regards to the lack of important deaths, I actually wondered if Iko would die, since she had been with Cinder for so long and might sacrifice herself or something. I love your point about how Meyer turns the stereotypical “damsels in distress” from some of the tales and shows how they can be strong forces in their world. Also, I appreciate that they all have different strengths, and can be shy and scared and nervous and still be brave and clever. Great review!

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