This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen

Remy is just three months from going to Stanford. She has one last summer to spend with her three best girl friends and then she’s out of here. She doesn’t expect to meet Dexter–who happens to be wrong for her in every way possible. He’s unorganized, can’t sit still, and worst of all, he’s a musician.


I’m going to come out and say it. I hate the new Sarah Dessen covers. It’s all about this classic look to me. Anyway. Irrelevant. This was the first Sarah Dessen book that I ever read way back in junior high. I remember how much older than me Remy seemed at the time. It’s crazy to me that I’m now about the same age as Christopher (maybe even older!). How did that even happen??? Despite that, it still feels like Remy’s older than I am. It’s a weird thing. I like this book because I feel like Remy is different when held up against some of Dessen’s other protagonists. She’s feisty and sarcastic. She doesn’t take bull from anyone and would rather shoot you straight than worry about your feelings. Some of the times it feels like Dessen’s main characters are more or less interchangeable (not that that’s necessarily a bad thing). Not with Remy. She is her own person.

Dexter is a sweet guy and I really like how his relationship with Remy developed. It felt natural with who they are as people. Not forced, and not too fast. The reader can see how different they are, but Dessen still makes their relationship seem believable.

One of the things I really love about this book is the secondary cast. Dexter’s band mates all have distinctive personalities as do Remy’s girl friends. They feel like real people who struggle with real problems. As characters, they are used in a way that illustrates who Dexter and Remy are as people without overshadowing them.

Overall, this book is great. I think it really stands out among Dessen’s other books. Who wouldn’t want a friend like Remy?

Overall Rating: 4
Language: Moderate. Some language throughout.
Violence: Mild
Sexual Content: Moderate
Smoking/Drinking: Heavy. Smoking and underage drinking throughout–but not cast in a glamorous light.

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