Now & Forever by Susane Colasanti

Sterling loves Ethan. A lot. She knows that he’s talented and will be mega-famous one day, but she’s happy with what they have now. When Ethan does finally become the rockstar he’s always been destined to be, Sterling is proud of him and excited for the world to come to know the boy she loves. Over time, the fame starts getting a little harder to deal with. Sterling and Ethan promised each other forever–but can they really do it?


Well. This book was an extreme disappointment. I’ve read several of Colasanti’s other books and remember really liking them. This one was just off for me. I felt like Sterling was a really one-note character and in my opinion, she was unrealistic at times. I didn’t really find myself rooting for her like I think the reader is supposed to. She had some interesting quirks that I think were supposed to make her relatable? I just thought it made her seem weird and a little uptight honestly. In general, the female characters in this book rubbed me the wrong way. They were all a little superficial and were overly focused on boys. Please. Just no.

Ethan was also a really flat character. I was really annoyed at the description of his music–honestly it felt like a big cop-out. Basically we’re told, “His music is enjoyable for everyone and somehow manages to bridge all age, racial, and gender gaps along with any other gaps that may exist.” It’s just too…generic? Like, give me a real description instead of telling me that his music is everything that anyone could possibly want out of music.

There were a few subplots that were thrown in there and I didn’t feel like they added to the story at all. The writing was jerky sometimes and didn’t flow as well as I would have hoped. It almost read like an unfinished ARC to me. I know that Colasanti can write better than that–I really did like her other books! It’s because I liked her other books that I’m as disappointed as I am right now.

Last couple of things: I didn’t like that parents played virtually no role in this story. And I also didn’t like the ending. I just felt like something different should have happened between Sterling and Ethan than what actually happened.

Overall Rating: 2
Language: Moderate. A few scenes with brief strong language.
Violence: None
Sexual Content: Mild
Smoking/Drinking: None

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