HW Assignment: Creating/Using a Blog

For all of my regular readers: Pardon this brief interruption. This is an assignment for one of my classes in my Masters of Library Science program. Hopefully you still find it fun and interesting 🙂

Voki Intro


Compare/Contrast Two Social Networks

Two social networks that I particularly like are Facebook and GoodReads. Facebook is a great way to personally stay connected to friends even when distance might ordinarily make it tough to do so. You can share pictures, links, and status updates with each other. It’s just generally a fantastic resource to keep people connected. GoodReads has some similar traits, but overall it’s more focused on the bookish community. You can keep track of what books you’ve read and still want to read while also checking in on your friend’s bookshelves. I especially like the feature that allows you to update your progress through books and leave little comments along the way. You can check out reviews for books that you might be interested in and see which of your friends want to or have already read it. Both social networks can be valuable for libraries to use. A library can have a Facebook page that keeps patrons updated on events, contests, and new or featured books. GoodReads is probably a better resource for librarians as individuals rather than the library as a whole. Librarians can use GoodReads to connect with individual patrons and continue to offer book recommendations outside of the library. Recently, the King County Library System Facebook page posted a link to some staff recommendations for humorous books. This is a great way to stay in touch with patrons. The IUPUI School Facebook also has relevant posts to connect with students such as updates on the Grace Hopper Conference that has been recently going on.

Experience with MUVE/Interactive or Gaming Technologies

Using MUVE’s is a great way to connect to the younger audience. In my experience, kids are more prone to be drawn to games than books. They find them more entertaining. This is why I like all of the books that are coming out with an online presence. It gives kids more to look forward to when reading a book. They can go online later and play games with their favorite characters or learn more about the world that the author has written about. Libraries can promote certain books that have an online presence (like Harry Potter). Hopefully, this would get kids interested in reading so that they come back looking for read-a-likes.

Recent Book Review

Here’s my recent review for Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin.


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