Organizing My Bookshelves!

Okay, so I took your guys’ suggestions and reorganized my bookshelves today. I don’t think this is going to end up being the final configuration, but it’s a good start and I like the idea of it. Here were my bookshelves from before:

No rhyme or reason (obviously). Now here’s what they look like:

The tan bookshelf has books that I’ve read (and classics/non-fiction that I don’t plan on reading). Shelf #1 has movies. Shelf #2 has our Monk DVDs, ARCs that I’m done with, and the beginning of the books that I’ve already read (I ordered them alphabetically by author). Shelf #3 is a continuation of books that I’ve already read. Shelf #4 has non-fiction and classic books that I don’t plan on reading (my husband walked in and said, “Oh, that’s my shelf!”) Then shelf #5 has miscellaneous journals, cookbooks, religious books, etc.

The red bookshelf has books that are on my TBR. Shelf #1 has rereads. Shelf #2 has books that I’ve bought because they were already on my TBR and then non-fiction books that I want to read/finish. Shelf #3 has books that I bought because they sounded interesting, but I hadn’t been planning on reading up to that point. Lastly, shelf #4 has books that I want to read eventually, but there’s no urgency there and shelf #5 is empty. So that’s it! Thanks for all the help everyone! I’ll make sure to make an update whenever I decide to reorganize again…probably the next time I get more books.