Awards, glorious awards

Hello everyone! I’ve been super busy just with work and life and whatnot so I haven’t had time to do any award posts. At this point, I just don’t think I have time to do all of them, but I did want to acknowledge all of the wonderful people who liked my blog enough to nominate it for something! Thank you thank you thank you!

Liebster Award
Shawna @Bookish Reviews
Shia @Fighting Books
cup of tea with that book, please

Versatile Blogger Award
All ‘Bout Them Books and Stuff
Shawna @Bookish Reviews
Amanda @Amanda’s Book Nook

Sisterhood of the World Award
Amanda @Amanda’s Book Nook

Beautiful Blogger Award
Analee @Book Snacks

Creative Blogger Award
Jay @Wolf of Starbucks

I really appreciate all of the support that I’ve been getting. I’d love reading anyway, but you guys are what make me love blogging!