TBR Jar Complete!

No, no I didn’t finish reading all of the books in my TBR Jar or anything crazy like that, I just finished MAKING my TBR Jar.

I was going for the whole “ship(s) in a bottle” kind of theme. Overall I like how it turned out! I got the bottle from IKEA. My husband and I are basically obsessed with IKEA. Cute story: we were walking through the different rooms today and my husband asks, “How would you feel about getting another bookshelf? I mean it would be a shame for you to feel like you couldn’t buy any more books because we didn’t have enough room on our bookshelf.” He’s a keeper. Needless to say, we did end up leaving with a bookshelf.

As I mentioned in my May TBR post, I hope to pull three books from this bottle this month. We’ll see how that goes!

How do you guys decide what to read next?

26 thoughts on “TBR Jar Complete!

  1. Hi there,

    You sound like an eclectic reader. I’ve written a YA series and would love it if you would consider reading the first book in the series entitled ‘Little White Lies’ .

    If we could connect – I would gift you the book for a fair and honest review.

    Thanks so much,

    Jodie Esch

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  2. I love the whole idea of having a TBR jar. That’s so creative. 🙂 It makes me want to have my own. As of now I just choose what to read next by grabbing a book on my shelf.

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  3. Hahaha “he’s a keeper”. That’s so cute. I LOVE Ikea, too! My bookshelves are from there and it’s so cheap and sturdy! The just finished building an Ikea 5 minutes from my house! I freaked out! I love their food, too haha. I used to have a TBR Jar but then I threw it out because I would pick a paper, look at my option, then put it back when I didn’t like it haha. It was pretty useless for me because I kept putting back the books that I didn’t really want to read and pick again. My TBR choices depend on how I feel and if I’m obsessed with a certain genre. Cute jar, though!

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  4. *Eyes mason jar I bought from Ikea a few months ago*
    I’ve been seeing these everywhere and I definitely wanna join in on the fun. Maybe a little gift to reward myself after AP tests and finals are over? I just wanna say that your husband is going to be the type of dude I aspire to find because he’s encouraging bookshelf buying and that makes him an immediate cool guy in my book 🙂

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