#ReadingMyLibrary Challenge Wrap-up

This month I’ve been participating in the #ReadingMyLibrary Challenge. It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve really appreciated the nudge to get back out to my library! 

This month I didn’t read as many library books as I usually do since I started to read some ARCs. But I did get in five–two physical and three ebooks. But here’s how much money I saved from checking out books instead of buying them! (Prices according to Amazon.)

Ready Player One – $7.58
Born of Deception – $14.21
Ruin and Rising – $12.25
A Cold Legacy – $13.59
Dangerous – $9.99

Total Savings: $57.62

I feel pretty good about that! I encourage everyone to use local libraries! They’re such a great resource. They have all kinds of events and such happening all the time and, of course, a ton of books and movies for people to check out.

8 thoughts on “#ReadingMyLibrary Challenge Wrap-up

  1. I love libraries but I never check out books because I love buying and owning them haha. It would definitely be cheaper and a space saver if I just checked them out from my library. What did you think of Ruin and Rising? Will you be posting a review?

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