Dangerous by Shannon Hale

Despite being born with one arm, it has always been Maisie’s dream to become an astronaut. She’s finally given her chance when she wins a cereal box sweepstakes to go to a summer space camp. There she meets the rest of her “fire team” and the confusing Wilder. When they are mistakenly gifted powers by extraterrestrials, each team member struggles with what kind of person they really are. Maisie isn’t scared though–her middle name is Danger after all.
I thought this book was just alright. The kids seemed a little too immature to me and I felt like none of the adults were portrayed as being trustworthy or on the kids’ side. Maisie especially felt immature because of how obsessed she was with Wilder. I could have done without the frequent physical descriptions and the “Oh my gosh he could have any girl but I like him so much and I think he likes me back”. Annoying. I just really didn’t feel like I could relate to any of the characters. I would have made very different decisions had I been in their shoes.

In addition to slightly annoying characters, the pacing of the plot felt really off to me. First it was like BAM BAM BAM stuff is happening really fast (but just because it’s happening fast doesn’t mean it’s anything of consequence). Then it slowed down a bit until something kind of big happened and then it was just warp speed again. It was just strange. I felt like more time should have been spent on certain things and less time on others. Like the space camp. I wish more time had been spent on the evolution of the fire team and less time talking about Wilder’s hair.

Things I did like: Maisie had a unique weakness. I can’t remember any other female protagonist who has a physical disability and this one is kind of big. SHE’S MISSING A WHOLE ARM. So I enjoyed that. I alsoreally enjoyed reading about the fire team working together, but like I said before, not a lot of time was actually spent on that. I liked Luther pretty good and I thought that Maisie’s parents were very sweet if incredibly unrealistic and perhaps too trusting of their daughter. Not that she didn’t deserve their trust, but the whole situation was just very hard to believe.

Overall, just alright. I probably wouldn’t recommend it or read it again. But here’s a quote I liked as consolation.

“By examining what’s different from us, we understand ourselves better.”

– pg 34

Overall Rating: 2
Violence: Heavy. A lot of fighting but not too much gore.
Language: None
Sexual Content: Mild
Smoking/Drinking: None