Weekend Plans: 4/17-19

Hello everyone! No review tonight…sorry! I’m currently reading two books at once but maybe I’ll be able to finish them both this weekend? We’ll see. Perhaps wishful thinking. So instead of a review I thought I’d let you guys know what my bookish plans are for the weekend.

1) Volunteering. I start volunteering at one of my local libraries tomorrow and am SUPER excited! I’ve always wanted to work in a library and now I get to! Dreams really do come true people.

2) #ReadingMyLibrary Scavenger Hunt. See rules HERE. I LOVE scavenger hunts. Seriously. Another one of my dreams (besides the working at a library one) is to be on the Amazing Race which, really, is just a worldwide scavenger hunt. That’s how much I love scavenger hunts. I’ll be dragging my husband along with me (he’s a really good sport) to the Provo Library and we’ll try to check off as many things from the list as possible!

3) Make a TBR Jar. I know a lot of book bloggers/readers in general have one of these. I think it’s genius! It’s a fun way to get through books that have been sitting on your shelf for AGES. Also, they look really cool and would probably work as a fun conversation starter. I finally was inspired to make one of my own by booksarebetter23 @My Life in Books. Click on that link if you want to see the cutest TBR Jar ever. Seriously, cute little origami stars? So fun.

4) Book shopping. I still have $30 in cash left over for my birthday so I’m hoping to be able to hit up a few local second hand/thrift shops. So you might expect another haul coming your way. Am I the only one obsessed with book hauls? I love seeing all the books you guys buy! Though it makes me want to buy more books so…maybe it’s an unhealthy habit? I don’t even care!

Okay, I think that’ll be a pretty full weekend…maybe I won’t have time to read very much after all! I’ll leave you, my lovely readers, with this quote:

USED - thousand-lives

Have a good weekend everyone! Do you have any bookish plans?


11 thoughts on “Weekend Plans: 4/17-19

      1. Hahah I fall in that second category. We’ll I don’t feel as guilty because I don’t eat that terrible but I could cut out all the sweets. Chocolate and doughnuts are my weakness. But knowing the long term effects of bad eating habits does keep me in check occasionally.

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  1. I have a TBR jar, but I think I am going to redo it or make another one for just the books I own. The one I have now I included all the books on my TBR list and it’s so many books! lol. I also need to update it, because I added so many books to my TBR since making the jar. LOL! Ahhhh so many books, so little time!

    I love book hauls and I’ll be doing one on my blog sometime next week as soon as I get the books I ordered! 🙂 I also love going to thrift shops to look for books. It’s so cheap and the books are always so great and in good condition!

    I hope you have a great weekend! And good luck with starting at the library! That sounds like so much fun!


    1. Thank you! I know what you mean about too many books, too little time. I only added books to my jar that I own, but that’s still like 80 books that I haven’t read! (Most are on my Kindle).
      I’ll definitely be on the lookout for your book haul next week!

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