#ReadingMyLibrary Challenge: Week One Update

I haven’t gotten very far in the books that I checked out…shame shame, I know. But I’ll get to them! I just have to get through an ARC first and then I’m good to go.

This week’s challenge topic is:

Tell us a little about your library (include a picture if you can!).

In my sign-up post I already showed pictures of my current local libraries, so I thought I’d talk about the library that really started it all for me: The Kenmore, WA library.

Now, at the end of my senior year of high school they finished constructing the shiny, NEW Kenmore Library, but the one that I grew up going to was anything but glamorous. It was a portable. Literally. You know those portable classrooms that they stick in high school parking lots to make room for more classes? That’s exactly what the library was! It smelled the same and it was very small, but it was one of my favorite places to go as a kid. I can still recall the smell…not anything bad, but kind of musty and old. It just smells like my library. Here’s a picture of the building from Google Maps taken August 2011 (just two months after the new library was completed). It’s hard to see with all the trees, but I think you can kind of get the idea of what it was. The black garbage sack in front is actually covering the old King County Library System sign.


Man, I loved that library. The librarians knew me and my siblings by name and they always asked for our library card number when we were checking out because they knew we had it memorized. If I went in alone they always asked how my family was doing. I dreamed of working there in high school, but because it was such a small library, there were never any openings. This is where I fell in love with reading, books, and libraries.

I think I’ve only been to the new library two or three times (I left soon after it was completed for college), but it’s beautiful. There are a ton of windows and the whole space is open and bright. There’s a parking garage now to accommodate more patrons. It looks modern and new and is easily five times the size of the old library.


KenmoreLibrary3  1317389895-7-kenmorelibrary-reading2

Libraries have always been and always will be safe places for me. I cannot imagine living somewhere without a local library. Unfortunately, I think a lot of local libraries are suffering from a lack of funding. Now, I’m definitely not asking anyone to go out and donate money, but what I am asking is for people to find your local library. Get yourself a library card. Get your kids library cards. Check out some books, or movies, or CDs. ANYTHING. Just use your local library.

(Pictures of the new library were all taken by Lara Swimmer and can be found here)

8 thoughts on “#ReadingMyLibrary Challenge: Week One Update

  1. Oh, what a breathtaking space! I love a brand-new library.
    One of my favorite things about my job in my local library is getting to know all the regular patrons’ names and making them feel welcome there. It makes them – and me – feel like part of the community.
    When I was younger we moved around too frequently and visited too many different libraries for any local librarians to get to know me, but I’m sure that’s a nice feeling. 🙂

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  2. I think you’re absolutely right about the funding! I never begrudge the library for my late fees when I keep books for too long – at least I know it’s going to keep them running. Heck, they should charge more!

    Like everyone’s said, that new library is stunning. I love how spacious it is!

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    1. They should definitely charge more. Something that the Orem Library does is they actually charge to checkout DVDs and maybe CDs too. I think it’s $1 a week. I’m not sure if this is a thing that libraries in general are starting to do, but the Kenmore Library at least didn’t used to while I was growing up. But I think it could be a good idea! And it’s still a way good deal for patrons.


  3. Sorry so late checking in, busy weekend… Both libraries were beautiful! The new one is so sleek and cool looking, love all the wood and brick! Love your passion for your libraries, such an awesome patron you are!

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