#ReadingMyLibrary Challenge!

rmlc-komikaStefani @Caught Read Handed and Amy @Read What I Like have issued us book bloggers a challenge to stop buying books (for the month at least) and use our local libraries instead! I actually sat in a meeting today at work where we talked about how our library on campus is not being used the way that it used to be. In order to get more people into our library, our campus has invested in at least one 3-D printer (which I hear is WAY cool) and will soon be offering computer classes. I love libraries, so it’s sad to think that a lot of people don’t know all of the cool resources that a library can provide other than books. I bet if you look up your local library right now, you’ll be surprised what cool events and programs are going on!

The rules of the challenge are pretty straightforward and you only have to read one book from your library to participate (luckily I’ve already checked out two). So get out there, book bloggers, and promote your local libraries!

Shout out to my local libraries…

Orem Public Library


Harold B Lee Library (BYU Campus)


and last but not least, Provo Library at Academy Square



5 thoughts on “#ReadingMyLibrary Challenge!

  1. What beautiful libraries!!! Happy you are joining us and spreading the library love around the blogosphere. Its going to be a fun month. Happy reading, Amy @ Read What I Like

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