My Top Ten Book Blogs

Hello readers! This kind of post is a little out of the norm for me, but I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with a few other blogs and I just wanted to give a shout-out to ten other book blogs that I have particularly enjoyed. (Just a note, these are mostly all YA blogs just because that’s the genre that I’m mostly paying attention to).

The author posts book reviews, beautiful photography, and fun quotes.

Awake and Reading
This blog focuses on Children’s lit as well as YA and every once in a while she’ll post a fun video!

Books Baking and Blogging
The title is pretty self-explanatory. She’s posted a couple of recipes recently that I’m dying to try!

Commas and Ampersands
The thing I love most about this blog is the quote posts. I really like that she takes a picture of the actual page! She also has book and movie reviews along with updates of what she’s currently reading.

Literal Life
This blog’s a little different because it’s not about book reviews. Instead, every week the author will post a summary of book news. I find this so interesting! I’m not really a news person, but I like reading news about books!

novel infatuatus
This author posts some book reviews, but mostly they have a lot of fun posts about books.

Novels and Nail Polish
There’s just something about this blog that I really like (besides the fact that it’s very pleasing to the eye). I’m not really a nail polish person, but I like seeing what she does and how they sometimes tie in with books. Plus, pretty colors.

schindo’s list
This blog has some book reviews, but the thing that I really like about it are the recipes. I’m definitely trying the Two Ingredient Pancakes sometime this week!

I had a slight moral dilemma when following this blog…it posts links to PDF copies of popular YA books including “The Fault in Our Stars” and the ENTIRE “Mortal Instruments” series. My dilemma was concerning the legality of such a blog. However, since I always delete the books DIRECTLY after reading, it seems to me to be the same as if I had checked a book out from the library. But I wouldn’t be surprised if this blog go reported and taken down at a later time.

I like the “Exploring My Bookshelves” series that the author’s doing and I also like her other fun book posts.

Hopefully this can help my fellow bloggers to find a new, fun blog and maybe even a new book to read! I know I’ve added dozens of books to my TBR list just from the book blogs that I’ve started following. Happy reading!