Top Ten Clues You’re Clueless by Liz Czukas

Chloe works at GoodFoods Market and on Christmas Eve it’s all hands on deck. The silver lining to this dark rain cloud is that Tyson–her perhaps not-so-secret crush–is her bagger for the day. Everything is going as well as can be expected until she and the other minors working at the grocery store are accused of stealing from the store’s donation box (somewhere around $10,000). They all insist on their innocence, but if none of them did it, then who did?TopTen

I liked this book quite a bit! I thought it was fun and unique (at least with the books I read) that the entire book was set in one day. I also liked Chloe quite a bit. I thought she was really spunky, but maybe acted a bit strange sometimes. For example, I didn’t understand why she didn’t just tell her coworkers that she had diabetes right when she started feeling bad. Granted,  I don’t have diabetes or any kind of health issue like that, so I apologize if I’m being insensitive. I guess to me it just didn’t really seem like a big deal to tell people.

Overall, I thought all of the teenage characters were fun. This book had a “The Breakfast Club” feel to it. I haven’t seen “The Breakfast Club”, but from what I understand it’s about teenagers from different social circles coming together and realizing that they actually have things in common. That’s what happened with these kids too and I liked seeing their relationships grow. My only (minor) issue with this book was the whole “mystery” thing. It was like all of the sudden, BAM, it was solved. I wish that the kids had done more detective work or tried harder to figure it out instead of just hanging out in the store the whole time.

This book was definitely a quick read and I really enjoyed it! Chloe’s lists were always fun–especially the ones about weird occurrences in the store–and this book almost makes me want to work at a grocery store. Almost…

Overall Rating: 4
Violence: None
Sexual Content: Mild
Language: Moderate
Smoking/Drinking: Mild

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