Instructions for a Broken Heart by Kim Culbertson

Jessa is heartbroken when she finds her boyfriend, Sean, cheating on her with a girl nicknamed “The Boob Job” (for obvious reasons) just days before they’re all supposed to leave on a class trip for Italy. Jessa’s best friend, Carissa, compiles a set of instructions designed to help her get over her broken heart while abroad. Every day Jessa opens an envelope that contains a challenge for her to complete before the day is through. At first she’s not convinced that these instructions are going to accomplish anything, but slowly she begins to find herself and realize that Sean wasn’t who she needed after all.instructionsforabroke

First of all, this book hit me hard with the travel bug. Reading about all the places that Jessa and her classmates were traveling to really made me want to travel to Italy. I mean, I’ve always wanted to go to Italy, but especially after reading this book. Anyway, I liked Jessa’s character quite a bit. Obviously she had a hard time with the breakup, but it never felt like she was seriously thinking about getting back together with Sean even if the opportunity presented itself.

The secondary characters were really great too. I liked Carissa for being a good friend even though she had her own flaws. Her friend that went on the trip with her was a great character as well (forgive me for not remembering his name). Then of course there’s Dylan Thomas and the character not-so-affectionately nicknamed “Cruella”. Just a really good cast of characters. It seemed like they all had depth–something that I find seriously impressive! How often do you have such a large cast of characters that all seem like they could have books written about them? Not often, my friends.

I don’t remember anything that I disliked about this book. It was an easy read, not too much depth, but enough that you feel for the characters.

Overall Rating: 4
Violence: None (does a glass of soda to the face count?)
Sexual Content: Mild. Kissing.
Language: Mild (this is another one that I don’t quite remember…sorry!)
Smoking/Drinking: Mild. Possibly some underage drinking, not a focus.

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